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  • Issue Focus

    Reflections from a Career in Evaluation Research

    For 18 years, Howard Bloom, MDRC’s chief social scientist, has led the organization’s development of experimental and quasi-experimental methods for estimating program impacts. In this essay, he reviews some of the lessons he has learned in four decades of research both inside and outside academia.

  • Brief

    Introducing ExCEL P-3, a Study from the Expanding Children’s Early Learning Network

    The ExCEL Network, a collaboration of researchers, preschool providers, and local officials, is exploring how benefits of early childhood interventions persist. The ExCEL P-3 project examines whether one preschool program, reinforced by a system-wide alignment of instruction into elementary school, has impacts on a range of skills through third grade.

  • Issue Focus

    The Detroit Promise allows the city’s high school graduates to attend local colleges tuition-free. To that existing scholarship the Detroit Promise Path adds campus coaches, monthly financial support, enhanced summer engagement, and messages informed by behavioral science. Early findings from the first year are positive.