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    • Moving Forward

      Early Findings from the Performance-Based Scholarship Demonstration in Arizona

      October, 2013

      Reshma Patel, Ireri Valenzuela


      College graduation rates for Latino students, especially Latino male students, are lower than the national average. This report presents findings from a study of performance-based scholarships paired with a robust set of student services designed to help low-income Latino men succeed.

    • Performance-Based Scholarships: What Have We Learned?

      Interim Findings from the PBS Demonstration

      August, 2013

      Reshma Patel, Lashawn Richburg-Hayes, Elijah de la Campa, Timothy Rudd


      Interim results suggest that performance-based scholarships improve students’ academic performance and increase the number of credits they earn. In some sites, the scholarships also appear to reduce student debt. In the one location for which data are available so far, the program increased the proportion of students earning a degree.

    • Can Scholarships Alone Help Students Succeed?

      Lessons from Two New York City Community Colleges

      November, 2012

      Reshma Patel, Timothy Rudd


      Can a scholarship without services improve academic progress? For adult developmental education students, this program encouraged more full-time enrollment during the semesters in which it operated and increased registration and credit accumulation in the summer semester, but it did not increase the average number of semesters registered or credits earned over two years.

    • Performance-Based Scholarships: Emerging Findings from a National Demonstration

      May, 2012

      Reshma Patel, Lashawn Richburg-Hayes


      Increasing the academic success of students in college is a national imperative.

    • Does More Money Matter?

      An Introduction to the Performance-Based Scholarship Demonstration in California

      March, 2012

      Michelle Ware, Reshma Patel


      One of six sites in MDRC’s national demonstration, California’s program, run in partnership with Cash for College, is testing performance-based scholarships of differing amounts and durations that supplement existing aid and that students can use at any accredited postsecondary institution.

    • Testimony on Performance-Based Scholarships

      October, 2011

      Reshma Patel, Lashawn Richburg-Hayes


      This brief summarizes results from performance-based scholarship programs in Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, and Ohio. These scholarships can move the dial on important markers of academic success for students, including credits attempted and earned and rates of full-time enrollment.

    • Rewarding Progress, Reducing Debt

      Early Results from the Performance-Based Scholarship Demonstration in Ohio

      October, 2010

      Paulette Cha, Reshma Patel


      Low-income parents at three community colleges in Ohio were offered a cash incentive, contingent on meeting academic benchmarks, to enhance their progress in school. For the first cohort, the performance-based scholarship program increased full-time enrollment and the number of credits attempted and earned, while reducing educational debt.

    • Paying for College Success

      An Introduction to the Performance-Based Scholarship Demonstration

      October, 2009

      Lashawn Richburg-Hayes, Paulette Cha, Monica Cuevas, Amanda Grossman, Reshma Patel, Colleen Sommo


      This policy brief describes a demonstration launched by MDRC in four states in 2008 to evaluate whether performance-based scholarships — paid contingent on attaining academic benchmarks — are an effective way to improve persistence and academic success among low-income college students. The demonstration builds on positive results from an earlier MDRC study in Louisiana.

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