MDRC's salaries are competitive and its benefits are excellent.

MDRC's benefits include:

  • Group major medical, hospital, dental, and life insurance
    MDRC pays the full premium cost of hospital, medical, and dental insurance for employees and their dependents.
  • Prescription drug program
    MDRC pays the full premium for the prescription drug plan for employees and their dependents
  • Pension plan, fully paid by MDRC
    MDRC contributes 6 percent of employees' annual wage to the pension plan.
  • Generous vacation package
    MDRC offers employees 15 vacation days a year during the first two years of employment and 20 vacation days a year after two years of employment.
  • Benefits for domestic partners
    MDRC extends dependent medical, dental, prescription, hospital, and life insurance coverage to an employee's domestic partner and the partner's dependent children.
  • Adoption benefit
    MDRC provides financial assistance to employees who adopt a child.


MDRC Benefits Fact Sheet