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  • Brief

    The Building Bridges and Bonds (B3) Study

    This practitioner brief describes three new approaches in the B3 evaluation of enhancements to Responsible Fatherhood programs: a cognitive behavioral workshop that builds skills for employment stability; Just Beginning, an interactive approach to high-quality parenting; and DadTime, a mobile app to encourage active participation by fathers with their children.

  • Brief

    Many low-income young people are not reaching important milestones, but the social-service organizations and schools that serve them often struggle to identify who is at more or less risk. Predictive analytics use schools’ and programs’ existing data to help them identify risk earlier and more accurately.

  • Issue Focus

    Improving Outcomes for Clients While Helping Systems Further Their Missions

    This issue focus describes how MDRC is helping administrators in criminal justice and child support enforcement test innovative reforms to improve the way their systems interact with low-income people, particularly men of color.