Each year, MDRC produces more than 40 publications — including
research reports, policy and practitioner briefs, “how-to” guides, and
methodological working papers — that explain the findings from our
projects and discuss their implications for policy and practice.


FEATURED Publications

  1. Issue Focus

    Looking Back

    The Council of Economic Advisers on Inequality and Structural Unemployment

    MDRC hosted a colloquium to celebrate our 40th anniversary and the contributions of former Board Chair Robert Solow. This issue focus summarizes a panel presentation featuring former Council of Economic Advisers members Robert Solow, Joseph Stiglitz, and Alan Krueger recounting the Council’s role in economic policy over the years.

  2. Issue Focus

    Turning the “Pay for Success” Promise into Performance

    This brief essay by Gordon Berlin, first published by the Nonprofit Finance Fund, builds on MDRC’s experience as the intermediary in the nation’s first operational Social Impact Bond to describe three broad challenges facing the Pay for Success movement as it moves from promising concept to on-the-ground implementation.

  3. Report

    Boosting the Life Chances of Young Men of Color

    Evidence from Promising Programs

    A review of high-quality studies, this paper highlights interventions — in education, employment and training, and second-chance programs — that have demonstrated positive results for young men of color. It comes as policymakers and philanthropies focus new attention on investing more to build opportunities for these young men. 

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