Each year, MDRC produces more than 40 publications — including
research reports, policy and practitioner briefs, “how-to” guides, and
methodological working papers — that explain the findings from our
projects and discuss their implications for policy and practice.


FEATURED Publications

  1. Report

    Building Evidence to Promote Financial Inclusion

    This paper examines the quality of evidence regarding the effectiveness of efforts to promote access to mainstream credit, banking, and financial services for low-income people and offers recommendations for strengthening the evidence base of such programs.

  2. Report

    Moving into Adulthood

    Implementation Findings from the Youth Villages Transitional Living Evaluation

    This highly structured program offers clinically focused case management, support, and counseling to youth who are leaving state custody or are otherwise unprepared for independent adult living. It emphasizes treatment planning, ongoing client assessment, and evidence-informed practices. Early findings indicate that it has been implemented well and participation is high.

  3. Brief

    More Graduates

    Two-Year Results from an Evaluation of Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) for Developmental Education Students

    This policy brief presents results from an evaluation of a program designed to increase the graduation rates of low-income community college students. The initiative requires full-time attendance and offers comprehensive supports and financial incentives for three full years. The program boosted two-year graduation rates substantially — by 66 percent.

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