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  • Video

    This two-minute video from the Ohio Department of Higher Education offers highlights from the December 12th release of MDRC’s evaluation of the replication of the City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) at three Ohio community colleges.

  • Brief

    Findings from Three New Studies of Youth Employment Programs

    Over four million young people in the United States are “disconnected,” meaning they are not in school and are not working. In the past few months, studies of three programs aimed at such young people have released new findings. This brief discusses these findings and their implications.

  • Infographic

    In NYC P-TECH Grades 9-14 schools, students take an integrated sequence of high school and college courses with the goal of completing both high school and college, while simultaneously being exposed to hands-on work experiences. This infographic describes the model and introduces MDRC’s evaluation of it.