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  • Brief

    Findings from the Subprime Lending Data Exploration Project

    Medical debt was a main theme emerging from a survey and interviews with individuals who use payday or subprime installment loans. Many respondents reported using such loans to pay medical bills or to cover regular expenses that may have originated from a health-related emergency.

  • Brief

    Findings from Three New Studies of Youth Employment Programs

    Over four million young people in the United States are “disconnected,” meaning they are not in school and are not working. In the past few months, studies of three programs aimed at such young people have released new findings. This brief discusses these findings and their implications.

  • Issue Focus

    A “One-Page Protocol” Approach

    How can researchers increase the likelihood that focus groups produce information that addresses key implementation questions? The Implementation Research Incubator presents an example of a simple protocol designed to encourage conversational flow about a complex issue — cooperative learning — while helping the interviewers explore core topics in depth.