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    Creating Moves to Opportunity greatly increased the number of families with young children leasing in areas with high upward income mobility in the Seattle area. It offered education, coaching, housing search assistance, landlord engagement, and financial supports to Housing Choice Voucher program applicants. This report offers lessons about implementing the model.

  • Issue Focus

    In 2020, MDRC published 100 reports, briefs, practitioner guides, blog posts, and infographics — offering evaluation results, profiles of innovative programs, and evidence-backed advice for policymakers and practitioners confronting both the crisis of the pandemic and longstanding inequities in society. Here are the 15 most popular.

  • Issue Focus

    In 2020, MDRC staff members authored or coauthored five commentaries — for Governing, Government Executive, Route Fifty, and Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity — on how evidence can help policymakers and practitioners respond to the pandemic.