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  • Report

    A Toolkit for State and Local Agencies on How to Access, Link, and Analyze Unemployment Insurance Wage Data

    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) agencies are increasingly focused on using administrative data to assess how well programs are working and to inform policies and best practices. This toolkit was created to help TANF professionals develop more robust practices using employment data for program monitoring, reporting, and evaluation.

  • Issue Focus

    A New Study Will Explore the Practice and Promise of Noncredit Workforce Training Programs

    Policymakers, community colleges, and philanthropies have invested heavily in short-term or “stackable” noncredit career and technical education programs, despite a lack of evidence that the programs support positive career outcomes. A new MDRC study will explore how such programs influence outcomes including academic progression, program completion, employment, and earnings.

  • Report

    How an Additional Quantitative Reasoning Course Could Affect Student Access and Success

    This report studies a proposal to add one year of high school quantitative reasoning coursework to California State University’s admissions requirements. It analyzes how the proposal, had it been accepted, could have affected students’ access to and success at the university, particularly for students from historically underrepresented backgrounds.