Research Analyst, Postsecondary Education Policy Area

Vasquez joined MDRC’s Postsecondary Education policy area in 2017. She works closely with community colleges and open- and broad-access institutions to implement and evaluate student success programs. She currently provides technical assistance to College Promise programs through MDRC’s College Promise Success Initiative, hosting training events, designing tools, and disseminating best practices to help programs implement evidence-based student support services. Her primary areas of focus are financial aid programs and applied behavioral science strategies in higher education. Before joining MDRC, Vasquez was a senior innovation strategist at Commonwealth, where she designed and tested innovative solutions to promote the financial stability of low- and middle-income Americans. She holds a BA in financial economics from Columbia University.

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      Lessons from the Los Angeles College Promise Program

      September, 2019
      Andrea Vasquez, Madeline Price

      The Los Angeles College Promise aims to increase college access and success by offering support services and a scholarship that covers tuition and fees for two years. This brief highlights how it has established a cycle of continual program improvement that uses insights from behavioral science and involves the students themselves.


      The Early Implementation of College Promise Programs

      April, 2019
      Jacklyn Willard, Andrea Vasquez, Marco Lepe

      College Promise programs offer scholarships for up to 100 percent of tuition and fees. Many Promise programs are adding to their models by providing students with support services. MDRC’s College Promise Success Initiative (CPSI) works with Promise programs interested in including such services; this brief provides some early implementation lessons.

      Issue Focus

      The Detroit Promise Path

      May, 2018

      A student success program for Detroit Promise scholarship recipients combines coaching, a monthly incentive, summer outreach to keep students engaged, and a management information system used to communicate with students and track their progress. This Issue Focus provides more detail about the program model and shares early implementation lessons.

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