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      Youth Perspectives on Navigating Homelessness and the Labor Market

      November, 2022
      Niko Leiva, Osvaldo Avila, Ann Bickerton, David Howard

      Young adults facing homelessness are a growing demographic. Covenant House is a nonprofit organization that provides housing and supportive services for young people facing homelessness and survivors of human trafficking. MDRC and Covenant House partnered to explore the perspectives and experiences of those young people as they navigate the workforce.


      How Community Health Workers Help Navigate Reentry

      October, 2022
      Ann Bickerton, Sara Ellis, Emmi Obara

      Community Health Workers (CHWs) are critical to Los Angeles County’s Reentry Intensive Case Management Services program, which assists clients following incarceration or probation by connecting them to services. This brief describes CHWs’ role, outlines their strategies, and offers insights for incorporating “lived experience” into their approach to helping clients.

      Issue Focus

      Homeboy Industries Managed Its Organization-Wide Transition to a New Data System by Following Five Key Principles

      June, 2022
      Ann Bickerton

      Homeboy Industries’ (HBI) experience implementing a new data system was described in an earlier InPractice post. This post examines the complexities and challenges that must be addressed before successful implementation can take place, and how HBI managed that change process.

      December, 2021
      Ann Bickerton

      Homeboy Industries (HBI), one of the largest gang rehabilitation and reentry organizations in the world, is transforming its data infrastructure and the way it uses technology to better support its client-centered program services. MDRC recently collaborated with HBI on a project to establish program logic models and to assess the organization’s data collection needs and practices. This post draws on what was learned from that collaboration.


      Findings from the B3 Study of the Just Beginning Parenting Intervention

      September, 2021
      Michelle S. Manno, Kristen Harknett, Bright Sarfo, Ann Bickerton

      The Just Beginning intervention aims to improve the quality of interactions between fathers with low incomes and their young children. As implemented in this evaluation, the intervention did not produce statistically significant effects on measures of father-child relationship quality, on fathers’ parenting confidence, nor on levels of father-child contact.


      Findings from the B3 Study of a Cognitive Behavioral Program

      September, 2021
      Emily Brennan, Bret Barden, Sam Elkin, Ann Bickerton

      This report presents findings from a random assignment evaluation of a program incorporating interactive cognitive-behavioral techniques with job-readiness services for fathers recently involved in the justice system. As implemented in this evaluation, the program did not produce impacts on employment, involvement in the criminal justice system, or parenting.

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