Camille Préel-Dumas
Technical Research Assistant, Economic Mobility, Housing, and Communities

Preel-Dumas is a Technical Research Assistant in MDRC’s Economic Mobility, Housing, and Communities policy area. She conducts data analysis for the Purpose Built Communities study of place-based community development in disinvested areas, the Paycheck Plus replication study in Atlanta, and works with MDRC’s Center for Data Insights to evaluate career pathway programs using data-science techniques. She also supports a technical assistance initiative to help state agencies leverage unemployment insurance data. Her other projects include conducting data analysis for HomePath, a Housing First intervention that aims to reduce homelessness and substance abuse, and Rent Reform, an evaluation of alternatives to the current rent structure in the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Prior to joining MDRC in 2019, Preel-Dumas was a Policy and Data Science Fellow at McGill University, worked with Precision Analytics to visualize unequal opportunities at a local medical school, and interned at ALPA, a direct service organization helping new immigrants find stable employment. Preel-Dumas holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from McGill University.