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      A Toolkit for State and Local Agencies on How to Access, Link, and Analyze Unemployment Insurance Wage Data

      November, 2022
      Edith Yang, Sharon Zanti, T.C. Burnett, Richard Hendra, Dennis Culhane, Zarni Htet, Della Jenkins, Camille Préel-Dumas, Electra Small

      Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) agencies are increasingly focused on using administrative data to assess how well programs are working and to inform policies and best practices. This toolkit was created to help TANF professionals develop more robust practices using employment data for program monitoring, reporting, and evaluation.


      Lessons Learned from Career Pathways and Child First

      October, 2022
      Samantha Xia, Camille Préel-Dumas, Kristin Porter

      Social services programs are increasingly looking to forecast which participants are likely to reach major milestones. Some explore advanced predictive modeling, but the Center for Data Insights (CDI) has found that such methods come with trade-offs. This post outlines CDI’s approach to predictive analytics, using illustrations from two studies.

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