Senior Associate, Economic Mobility, Housing, and Communities

Schultz leads program implementation for Paycheck Plus, which simulates an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit for single workers without dependent children. She also leads program and site development for the Families Forward Demonstration, a test of strategies to improve the earnings and financial capabilities of noncustodial parents. Previously she managed SaveUSA, which offered matched savings accounts to tax filers who saved all or part of their tax refunds, and AutoSave, a workplace savings plan that automatically diverted a small portion of employees’  paychecks into unrestricted (after-tax, nonretirement) savings accounts. Earlier in her career at MDRC, Schultz helped to implement the WorkAdvance employment and training replication study and the Work Advancement and Support Center demonstration. She also helped to assess programs that connected workers, through their employers, to publicly and privately funded benefits such as health insurance, child care subsidies, and tax credits. Before joining MDRC in 2004, she worked on the design, operation, and evaluation of community development initiatives and jobs programs. Most recently she was program director for a business-labor-community employment partnership in six industry sectors.