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      Characteristics of Parents Enrolled in the Procedural Justice-Informed Alternatives to Contempt Demonstration

      June, 2020
      Danielle Cummings

      The Procedural Justice-Informed Alternatives to Contempt (PJAC) project integrates procedural justice principles (the idea of fairness in processes) into enforcement at six child support agencies. This brief describes the parents in the PJAC study sample and what led them to the point of being in contempt of court for nonpayment.


      A Synthesis of Findings from Evaluations of 13 Programs

      February, 2020
      Danielle Cummings, Dan Bloom

      In 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Labor launched complementary large-scale research projects on the effectiveness of the latest generation of subsidized employment models. This report summarizes findings from the studies and discusses the implications for practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.


      Final Impacts and Costs of New York City’s Young Adult Internship Program

      August, 2018
      Danielle Cummings, Mary Farrell, Melanie Skemer

      This report presents 30-month impacts from a random assignment evaluation of a program that subsidized employers to offer temporary paid jobs to young people who were disconnected from school and work in New York City. After 30 months, program enrollees and nonenrollees fared similarly, with the former slightly more likely to report employment.


      Four-Year Results from the National YouthBuild Evaluation

      May, 2018
      Cynthia Miller, Danielle Cummings, Megan Millenky, Andrew Wiegand, David Long

      YouthBuild serves more than 10,000 young people each year at 250+ organizations nationwide. In a random assignment study, the effects observed after four years on education and work indicate that the program provides a good starting point for redirecting otherwise disconnected young people, but one that could also be improved upon.


      Implementation and Early Impacts of the Young Adult Internship Program

      April, 2017
      Melanie Skemer, Arielle Sherman, Sonya Williams, Danielle Cummings

      This report presents implementation and early impact results from a random assignment evaluation of the Young Adult Internship Program (YAIP), a subsidized employment program for young people in New York City who are disconnected from school and work. YAIP boosted earnings for participants, which suggests that they obtained better jobs.

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