Research Analyst, Research Technology Unit

As a technical analyst in the Research Technology Unit, Guzman promotes knowledge sharing by coordinating training, gatherings, and internal efforts that support the learning needs of staff members in MDRC’s research teams. She collaborates with subject-matter experts to develop and facilitate training on data processing with Base SAS, data visualization with R, and SQL in SAS and R, among other topics. This knowledge sharing and training both aim to create efficiency, ensure quality, and build expertise. Guzman is also responsible for orienting technical staff members when they join research teams and providing support as questions arise. In her time at MDRC, she has processed administrative data, coauthored a brief on New York City’s Pretrial Supervised Release Program, and supported research teams with miscellaneous tasks including preparing for site visits, conducting interviews and other on-site activities, and consolidating the information gathered after visits. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Smith College.

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      An Alternative to Bail

      April, 2017
      Cindy Redcross, Melanie Skemer, Dannia Guzman, Insha Rahman, Jessi LaChance

      Defendants awaiting trial and unable to post bail are often detained in local jails unnecessarily, disrupting their lives and adding to costs for taxpayers. To address this situation, New York City has launched a program that gives judges the option to release some defendants to community-based supervision. 

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