Edith Yang
Senior Associate, Economic Mobility, Housing, and Communities

Yang joined MDRC in 2008 and her work spans the areas of employment, housing and homelessness, financial inclusion, community development, and postsecondary education. Her work encompasses project development, project management, data science methods, impact and process analyses, and benefit-cost analysis. She has directed a variety of evaluations and technical assistance projects, including HomePath, a study on shared medical appointments for people who have experienced homelessness and opioid use disorder; and the Gaining Unemployment Insurance Data Expertise (GUIDE) and SkillUp projects, which provide technical capacity—building for organizations aiming to improve equity in the labor market. She also leads the technical work on the Paycheck Plus replication study in Atlanta, the Purpose Built Communities evaluation, the Men of Color College Achievement (MoCCA) study, the New World of Work evaluation, various tasks on the Supporting Moves to Opportunity study and the Rent Reform Demonstration, and key technical assistance initiatives on the TANF Data Innovations project. Yang holds a master’s degree in public policy from Georgetown University.