Elizabeth Ederer
Resource Manager Assistant, K-12 Education

Ederer is a Resource Manager Assistant in MDRC’s K-12 Education Policy Area, where she supports the day-to-day management needs of the policy area and of current and potential new projects. Additionally, she is serving as a Research Assistant on an evaluation of Math Education Technology products for the Evaluating Programs and Strategies to Accelerate School Improvement project, where she will be assisting with site recruitment. Prior to joining MDRC in 2021, Ederer served as a research assistant for Drs. Celene Reynolds and Vida Maralani in the Department of Sociology at Cornell University on a project studying Title IX Complaint Resolution Letters, where she compiled a quantifiable set of data to analyze the evolution of the Title IX statute’s efficacy and utility. Ederer graduated from Cornell University in 2021 with degrees in Sociology and Government, in addition to minors in Inequality Studies; Crime, Prisons, Education, and Justice; and Law & Society.