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      November, 2022
      Emmi Obara, Nicole Morris

      This profile provides background information on an evaluation of three programs in Illinois, New Hampshire, and North Carolina that provide employment services to individuals with a range of mental health and substance use disorders. The programs are being implemented as part of MDRC’s Building Evidence on Employment Strategies project.


      How Community Health Workers Help Navigate Reentry

      October, 2022
      Ann Bickerton, Sara Ellis, Emmi Obara

      Community Health Workers (CHWs) are critical to Los Angeles County’s Reentry Intensive Case Management Services program, which assists clients following incarceration or probation by connecting them to services. This brief describes CHWs’ role, outlines their strategies, and offers insights for incorporating “lived experience” into their approach to helping clients.


      Using Behavioral Insights to Increase Incarcerated Parents’ Requests for Child Support Modifications

      October, 2016
      Asaph Glosser, Dan Cullinan, Emmi Obara

      A behavioral intervention provided incarcerated noncustodial parents in Washington with materials about their eligibility for a child support order modification and how to request one. It increased the number of parents requesting a modification by 32 percentage points and the number of parents receiving a modification by 16 percentage points.


      Using Behavioral Economics to Engage TANF Recipients

      March, 2016
      Mary Farrell, Jared Smith, Leigh Reardon, Emmi Obara

      A low-cost, low-effort behavioral intervention in Los Angeles County modestly increased the percentage of TANF recipients who reengaged in the county’s welfare-to-work program within 30 days of their scheduled appointment. The test is part of the Behavioral Interventions to Advance Self-Sufficiency project, sponsored by the federal Administration for Children and Families.

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