Senior Associate, Postsecondary Education Policy Area

Weissman has over 20 years of experience at MDRC directing projects, providing technical assistance, conducting qualitative research, and disseminating findings in a wide range of education and social policy settings. His current work is primarily in postsecondary education, illuminating ways to improve college access, persistence, and success for low-income and underprepared students. Weissman’s current and recent projects focus on financial aid reform, improving students’ employability skills, strengthening student success services, and improving offerings for students assessed as needing developmental (remedial) education. Weissman has also provided technical assistance, designed and launched evaluations, and conducted qualitative research in a range of other social policy areas, including early childhood education, maternal and infant well-being, job training and parenting programs for noncustodial parents, public housing, and welfare employment programs.