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      A Case Study of Communities In Schools

      April, 2017
      Leigh Parise, Farhana Hossain

      Many students in high-poverty schools face serious challenges such as housing instability and hunger, and the stress in their daily lives can affect their school attendance and performance. CIS aims to address these challenges. This brief describes how the organization has used evaluation findings to enhance and modify its services.

      A Study of the Implementation and Impacts of New York City’s Summer Youth Employment Program

      April, 2017

      This report examines the impacts of the nation’s largest summer youth jobs program — New York City’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) — on young people’s education, employment, and earnings. The analysis uses an experimental design based on SYEP’s randomized lottery application system. The report also describes SYEP’s implementation and participants’ experiences.

      Findings from a Brief Study of Alternative Staffing Organizations

      July, 2015
      Farhana Hossain, Richard Kazis

      Temporary agencies have become an increasingly important employer of low-skilled, low-wage workers. Alternative staffing organizations that use this model to serve disadvantaged workers (such as welfare recipients and people with disabilities) appear to fill a need, but they must build the capacity to run a viable, competitive business.

      Lessons from Two Decades of YouthBuild Programs

      May, 2015
      Ronald F. Ferguson, Jason Snipes, Farhana Hossain, Michelle S. Manno

      Youth development is a cornerstone of the YouthBuild program, which provides job skills training, academic support, counseling, and leadership opportunities to low-income, out-of-school young adults. Participants attested to the transformation that can occur in an early 1990s study; a 2014 survey of program directors largely reaffirms this.

      Lessons from the Implementation of the Young Adult Literacy Program

      February, 2015
      Farhana Hossain, Emily Terwelp

      MDRC conducted a study of the Young Adult Literacy program, created in New York City to prepare young adults for a high school equivalency certificate. Findings indicate that the program fills an important gap in services for disadvantaged and disconnected youth who lack critical academic and employment skills.

      Evidence on Improving Employment Outcomes for Disadvantaged Youth in the United States

      February, 2015
      Farhana Hossain, Dan Bloom

      The Great Recession took a toll on the already dim economic prospects of low-income 16- to 24-year-olds who face structural barriers to employment. Evidence indicates that involvement of employers in devising education, training, and work experiences that meet labor market demands should be a key component of any policy response.

      February, 2015
      Farhana Hossain, Emily Terwelp

      Improving the employment outlook of disadvantaged young people on a large scale will require a stronger focus on engaging private employers on potential solutions. On June 4, 2014, MDRC and The Rockefeller Foundation convened a group of experts to discuss such demand-driven approaches.

      Early Implementation of the Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) for Veterans Demonstration

      April, 2013
      Farhana Hossain, Peter Baird, Rachel Pardoe

      This policy brief describes an innovative program designed to target the psychological and social behaviors that contribute to pain, disability, and inactivity among veterans with disabilities. The goal is to help these veterans resume daily activities and get on a path to work.

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