Research Associate, Economic Mobility, Housing, and Communities

Dalporto is a qualitative researcher and operations specialist supporting career and technical education work that spans MDRC’s K-12 Education, Postsecondary Education, and Economic Mobility policy areas. She currently provides technical assistance to Indiana colleges for an impact study of SUCCESS, an academic coaching intervention for community college students. She also leads the selection of high schools for CTE Advise, an impact study of online career advising platforms, and is coordinating the selection of community colleges for the New World of Work study, an examination of a 21st-century skills program.

Previous work includes implementation research and formative feedback for CareerWise Colorado, a three-year youth apprenticeship program; providing technical assistance, conducting implementation research and reporting for the WorkAdvance program, a career advancement demonstration of a sector-focused skills training model; interviewing students and staff of Project Rise, an internship program for young adults attending high school equivalency classes; and providing technical assistance for the MyGoals program, which delivers employment coaching informed by behavioral psychology.

Dalporto holds a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College and a master’s degree in education from Hunter College. Before joining MDRC, Dalporto was a Fulbright grantee in Argentina and taught high school English in New York City.