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      The Early Implementation of College Promise Programs

      April, 2019
      Jacklyn Willard, Andrea Vasquez, Marco Lepe

      College Promise programs offer scholarships for up to 100 percent of tuition and fees. Many Promise programs are adding to their models by providing students with support services. MDRC’s College Promise Success Initiative (CPSI) works with Promise programs interested in including such services; this brief provides some early implementation lessons.


      Early Lessons from Completion by Design

      September, 2015
      Jean Grossman, Janet Quint, Jessica Gingrich, Oscar Cerna, John Diamond, Andrew Levine, Jacklyn Willard

      Only about 20 percent of full-time degree-seeking students entering public two-year schools earn a degree within three years. In seeking solutions, community colleges typically focus on one institutional problem at a time. This brief looks at the experiences of five community colleges attempting a systemwide reform to substantially increase completion rates.


      Lessons from Implementing a Rigorous Academic Program for At-Risk Young People

      September, 2015
      Jacklyn Willard, Brian Bayes, John Martinez

      In Gateway to College, students who have dropped out of high school and who are at risk of dropping out simultaneously earn credits toward a high school diploma and a postsecondary degree. This report describes the program model and shares lessons learned from its implementation at three program sites.


      Implementation, Impacts, and Costs of the Reading Partners Program

      March, 2015
      Robin Tepper Jacob, Catherine Armstrong, Jacklyn Willard

      One-on-one tutoring by volunteers improves the reading proficiency of struggling second- to fifth-graders, according to MDRC’s random assignment study. As a program staffed mostly by volunteers, Reading Partners is substantially less costly than other supplemental reading services typically offered to struggling readers.


      The Implementation and Effectiveness of a One-on-One Tutoring Program Delivered by Community Volunteers

      June, 2014
      Robin Tepper Jacob, Thomas J. Smith, Jacklyn Willard, Rachel E. Rifkin

      After one year, Reading Partners, a one-on-one tutoring program delivered by volunteers, improved three different measures of reading proficiency for second- to fifth-graders — impacts equaling 1.5 to 2 months of growth in literacy achievement over a control group (who also received supplemental reading services).


      How Career Academies Can Build College and Career Exploration Programs

      January, 2013
      Mary Visher, Jacklyn Willard, Stephanie Safran

      MDRC and Bloom Associates developed and piloted a program to help Career Academies, a popular high school reform, build college and career exploration programs for their students. This report presents lessons learned from its implementation in 18 academies in California, Florida, and Georgia.

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