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      A Literature Review

      October, 2017
      Barbara Condliffe, Janet Quint, Mary Visher, Michael Bangser, Sonia Drohojowska, Larissa Saco, Elizabeth Nelson

      Examining the scholarly literature published since a seminal review in 2000, this working paper discusses the principles that underlie project-based learning, how it has been used in K-12 settings, the challenges teachers have confronted in implementing it, and what is known about its effectiveness in improving students’ learning outcomes.

      Early Lessons from Completion by Design

      September, 2015
      Jean Grossman, Janet Quint, Jessica Gingrich, Oscar Cerna, John Diamond, Andrew Levine, Jacklyn Willard

      Only about 20 percent of full-time degree-seeking students entering public two-year schools earn a degree within three years. In seeking solutions, community colleges typically focus on one institutional problem at a time. This brief looks at the experiences of five community colleges attempting a systemwide reform to substantially increase completion rates.

      Final Report from the Investing in Innovation (i3) Evaluation

      September, 2015

      This final report on the scale-up of Success for All, funded by a federal Investing in Innovation (i3) grant, examines the implementation, impact, costs, and expansion of this whole-school reading reform. It finds that second-graders in schools using the program outperformed their control-group counterparts on a measure of phonics skills.

      The Success for All Model of School Reform

      July, 2014
      Janet Quint, Rekha Balu, Micah DeLaurentis, Shelley Rappaport, Thomas J. Smith, Pei Zhu

      Success for All, a whole-school reading reform, received a federal Investing in Innovation (i3) scale-up grant in 2010 to expand to additional elementary schools. This report examines the program’s implementation and the impacts in 2012-2013, the second year of operation, on early reading skills.

      Early Findings from the Investing in Innovation (i3) Scale-Up

      October, 2013
      Janet Quint, Rekha Balu, Micah DeLaurentis, Shelley Rappaport, Thomas J. Smith, Pei Zhu

      Success for All, a whole-school reading reform, received a federal Investing in Innovation (i3) scale-up grant in 2010 to expand to additional elementary schools. This report examines the program’s implementation and its impact in 2011-2012, the first year of operation, on kindergartners’ early reading.

      Lessons from the Developmental Education Initiative

      January, 2013
      Janet Quint, Shanna S. Jaggars, D. Crystal Byndloss, Asya Magazinnik

      This report examines the efforts of 15 community colleges that expanded preexisting interventions or put in place new ones directed toward helping students move through developmental coursework more quickly and more successfully.

      What Two Rigorous Studies Tell Us

      July, 2011
      Janet Quint

      This synthesis reviews findings from two rigorous, large-scale evaluations — the Professional Development in Reading Study and the Middle School Mathematics Professional Development Impact Study. Both interventions had only limited effects on teachers’ knowledge and instruction and no impacts on students’ test scores. The report ends with suggestions about how professional development might be improved to achieve better results.

      Progress and Challenges During the First Year of the Achieving the Dream Developmental Education Initiative

      May, 2011
      Janet Quint, D. Crystal Byndloss, Herbert Collado, Alissa Gardenhire, Asya Magazinnik, Genevieve Orr, Rashida Welbeck, Shanna S. Jaggars

      This report examines the Achieving the Dream Developmental Education Initiative, an effort to expand promising developmental education interventions in 15 community colleges. During the 2009-2010 academic year, the colleges made progress and encountered challenges in implementing reform strategies in four key areas: changes in curriculum and instruction, academic and student supports, institutionwide policy changes, and precollege interventions.

      High Schools and Their Characteristics, 2002-2008

      February, 2010
      Janet Quint, Janell K. Smith, Rebecca Unterman, Alma E. Moedano

      This report examines the sweeping transformation of New York City’s public high school system — the nation’s largest — during the first decade of the twenty-first century, when nearly 200 new small high schools were created. Two companion reports focus on the role of intermediaries in this reform effort and provide case studies of six schools.

      Findings from an Evaluation of the Formative Assessments of Student Thinking in Reading (FAST-R) Program in Boston Elementary Schools

      December, 2008
      Janet Quint, Susan Sepanik, Janell K. Smith

      This report contains findings from an evaluation of a program in the Boston Public Schools that seeks to improve reading instruction and student learning through one type of data-driven instruction. The program provides teachers with formative assessments that they can use to measure what students do and do not know, along with professional development on how to understand and use the data generated by those assessments. The study looks at FAST-R’s effects on reading scores among third- and fourth-graders.

      Strategies for Improving High Schools

      October, 2008
      Janet Quint, Saskia Levy Thompson, Margaret Bald

      This report offers lessons from a conference sponsored by MDRC, the Council of the Great City Schools, and the National High School Alliance, which brought together leaders from 22 midsize school districts to describe their reform initiatives and to discuss ways in which research and evaluation can inform and complement school change.

      Suggestive Evidence from Three Urban School Districts

      December, 2007
      Janet Quint, Theresa M. Akey, Shelley Rappaport, Cynthia J. Willner

      Does providing instruction-related professional development to school principals set in motion a chain of events that can improve teaching and learning in their schools? This report examines professional development efforts by the University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Learning in elementary schools in Austin, St. Paul, and New York City.

      Lessons from Research on Three Reform Models

      May, 2006
      Janet Quint

      Recent MDRC evaluations of three high school reform models — Career Academies, First Things First, and Talent Development — offer hope that comprehensive programs can improve low-performing high schools. This research synthesis for policymakers and practitioners offers practical lessons for creating personalized learning environments, helping struggling freshmen, improving instruction, preparing students for the world beyond high school, and stimulating change in overstressed high schools.

      Design Principles for a Study on Teacher Incentives

      February, 2006
      Jason Snipes, Janet Quint, Shelley Rappaport, Lynne Steuerle Schofield

      This paper, produced by MDRC and the Laboratory for Student Success at Temple University, describes design principles for a study about the use of incentives to recruit and retain high-quality teachers for underperforming schools.

      Findings and Lessons from First Things First

      July, 2005
      Janet Quint, Howard Bloom, Alison Rebeck Black, LaFleur Stephens

      First Things First, a comprehensive school reform initiative, increased student achievement in Kansas City, Kansas, the first school district to adopt the reform model. It is not yet clear if First Things First is working in four other school districts in which it has been replicated.

      Findings from the First Implementation Year

      December, 2003
      Janet Quint, D. Crystal Byndloss

      Based on survey data and findings from interviews and observations, this report describes the First Things First reform initiative and its first year of implementation at seven secondary schools, with a focus on three key components: small learning communities, a family advocacy system, and instructional improvement strategies.

      Early Implementation and Ethnographic Findings from the Project on Devolution and Urban Change

      April, 1999
      Janet Quint, Kathryn Edin, Maria L. Buck, Barbara Fink, Yolanda Padilla, Olis Simmons-Hewitt, Mary Valmont

      Final Report on a Comprehensive Program for Young Mothers in Poverty and Their Children

      January, 1997
      Janet Quint, Johannes Bos, Denise Polit
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