John Diamond
Director, Data Management and Integrity

Diamond is MDRC’s lead for Data Management and Integrity and a senior research associate for the Postsecondary Education policy area. He chairs MDRC’s Data Integrity Board, Data Management Initiative, and Data Security Team, and coordinates MDRC’s data sharing and transparency work with ICPSR at the University of Michigan. Through these roles, Diamond is responsible for MDRC’s best practices and protocols for secure, efficient, and accurate data work, including data acquisition, analysis, and sharing. He also serves as the project director for The Higher Education RCT (THE-RCT) Restricted Access File, a project that is creating a secure meta-analytic database with deidentified data from 30 RCTs, 50 colleges, and more than 65,000 students. His other higher education work includes evaluations of developmental math education reforms such as the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways, and a national survey of higher education institutions’ developmental education policies fielded through the Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness. Diamond received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and economics from Swarthmore College. After graduating, he worked as a consultant for securities class-action litigation before joining MDRC in 2012.