Research Associate, Postsecondary Education Policy Area

Diamond is the chair of the Data Integrity Board and the Data Management Initiative, as well as a project manager and data manager in MDRC’s Postsecondary Education policy area. His data integrity and management work focuses on the development and maintenance of best practices and other resources for the secure, efficient, and accurate handling and processing of data. His project work focuses on developmental math education reforms, and currently includes randomized controlled trial and regression-discontinuity evaluations of several math programs and policies at community colleges across Texas (for example, the Dana Center Mathematics Pathways). As part of the Center for the Analysis of Postsecondary Readiness, Diamond is also working on a national survey of higher education institutions’ developmental education policies. His previous work has included a randomized controlled trial evaluation of performance-based scholarships and an assessment of the long-term effects of learning communities at Kingsborough Community College, conducted as part of the Opening Doors project. Diamond received his BA in biochemistry and economics from Swarthmore College. After graduating, he worked as a consultant for securities class-action litigation before joining MDRC in 2012.