Lily Freedman
Research Analyst, Youth Development, Criminal Justice, and Employment

At MDRC, Freedman’s research has focused on programs for disadvantaged young people, individuals involved with the criminal justice system, and other populations with barriers to employment. In her role as a technical research analyst, she is primarily responsible for data management, acquisition, processing, and analysis; she has also held roles in survey design, random assignment system setup, and visits to research sites to study program implementation. Freedman is a coauthor of the interim and impact reports on the evaluation of the PACE Center for Girls, a gender-responsive program offering academic and social services to middle and high school-age girls in Florida who are at risk of delinquency or other negative outcomes. Before coming to MDRC, she worked as a research assistant at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Washington, DC. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Binghamton University.