Dorota Rizik
Dorota Biedzio Rizik
Research Analyst
Postsecondary Education

Rizik joined MDRC in 2019. As a technical research analyst in the Research Technology Unit, she provides technical support across the organization; trains staff in statistical programming; and develops resources, tools, and techniques for quantitative analysis. Previously, she contributed to and managed many studies in the Postsecondary Education policy area.

Before joining MDRC in 2019, Rizik worked in the developmental psychology research field, focusing on child development in populations with low incomes, and as a statistical consultant, helping with complex power analyses and machine-learning projects. She holds a master’s degree in applied statistics from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northwestern University.



An Exploratory Study of Student Outcomes and Placement Practices


Three-Semester Findings from an Experimental Study of Multiple Measures Assessment and Placement

Issue Focus

A Synthesis of Post-Program Effects in Higher Education