Samuel Maves
Technical Research Assistant, Family Well-Being and Children’s Development

Maves is a technical research assistant in the Families and Children policy area. As part of the Expanding Children’s Early Learning P-3 project, he oversees data collection activities and supports data analysis to understand how different factors might support sustained preschool gains in Boston Public Schools. He also works on a follow-up study of the social-emotional learning intervention INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament, where he processes administrative data on New York City students from kindergarten through high school. Previously, Maves led dissemination efforts for the Measures for Early Success Initiative to reimagine early learning assessment tools.

Before joining MDRC in 2021, Maves worked as a research assistant on various projects, including an analysis of state social studies curricula and textbook standards and the University of Michigan President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality. Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, Maves has previously served on the Mayor’s Advisory Commission on Sustainability and has interned for the City of Detroit. Maves received bachelor’s degrees in sociology and biology from the University of Michigan, where he completed a thesis on the K-12 experiences of transfer students attending suburban institutions through Michigan’s interdistrict Schools of Choice program.