Research Associate, Low-Wage Workers and Communities Policy Area

Deitch joined MDRC in 2006 and has performed a variety of essential technical and analytical tasks for the national Employment Retention and Advancement study, an evaluation of more than a dozen models in eight states that provide postemployment services and financial incentives to current or former welfare recipients. She is currently working on the Opportunity NYC-Family Rewards demonstration project, which involves temporary cash payments to poor families to boost their income in the short term while building their abilities to avoid longer-term and second-generation poverty; and the Rent Reform Demonstration, which alters the rent rules in the Housing Choice Voucher Program to allow families to keep more of their earnings from increases in earnings and employment. Deitch has coauthored several MDRC reports, including a comparative benefit-cost study funded by the MacArthur Foundation of 27 welfare-to-work programs. Deitch has a bachelor’s degree in finance and in business information systems from Illinois State University and a master’s degree in public affairs from the University of Wisconsin.