William Corrin
Director, K-12 Education

Corrin came to MDRC in 2004 and has been leading experimental and quasi-experimental evaluations of reforms and interventions at the secondary school level. He is currently leading a national evaluation of Academic Language Interventions. In addition, he is leading an implementation study and the evaluation design phase of the CareerWise Colorado apprenticeship-program model. Corrin led a national evaluation of Communities In Schools’ whole-school and targeted services that seek to reduce dropout rates and increase the school persistence of young people, and directed the national experimental evaluation of the Diplomas Now secondary school reform program. He has also led two random assignment evaluations of adolescent literacy interventions. He directed the Evaluation of the Content Literacy Continuum, a literacy-across-the-curriculum framework for high school reform, and the Enhanced Reading Opportunities Study, an evaluation of supplemental reading classes for ninth-graders. In addition, Corrin has participated in MDRC’s work on college-readiness programs in high schools, and leads MDRC’s K-12 Education Policy Area. He formerly served as director of research, evaluation, and assessment for Evanston Township District 202 in Illinois and taught social studies at an alternative high school in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg public school system. He received his PhD in sociology from Northwestern University.