A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the Male Student Success Initiative for Men of Color

September, 2023
Lashawn Richburg-Hayes, Michelle S. Manno, Oscar Cerna, Erika B. Lewy, Edith Yang, Amanda Martin-Lawrence

Research literature is rich with theories about the challenges faced by male students of color who strive to achieve college success and completion. This report provides the first causal estimates of the effects of a college program targeting male students of color on academic outcomes.

Working Paper

A Framework for Secondary and Postsecondary CTE

July, 2023

Changing labor market needs—particularly with regard to the clean energy sector—highlight the importance of developing new career and technical education (CTE) pathways. This working paper provides an overview of CTE policies and examines the need to improve the education and training pipeline to expand the climate workforce.


A Study of College Transition Text-Based Messaging

May, 2023

Many underserved groups face barriers to college enrollment. This study evaluated a program that supplemented federal supports for these groups through text messages about securing financial aid, completing college enrollment, and navigating other barriers. The study found that adding the messaging program did not increase rates of college enrollment.


Six-Year Findings from the ASAP Ohio Demonstration

April, 2023

U.S. community colleges—which disproportionately serve students from low-income backgrounds—have very low graduation rates. In response, three Ohio community colleges implemented programs based on the City University of New York’s successful Accelerated Study in Associate Programs. After six years, the programs had a positive impact on graduation and earnings.


Learning from the Communities In Schools Reengagement Coordinator Initiative

January, 2023

Schools have long struggled to reengage students who have poor attendance or who drop out—a situation that was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. During 2021–2022, Communities In Schools introduced the Reengagement Coordinator Initiative, aimed at reengaging high school students who did not reenroll or were chronically absent.


A Study of Achieving the Dream in Florida

December, 2022
Oscar Cerna, Dominique Dukes, Sumner Perera

Implementing institutional change is challenging. Achieving the Dream (ATD) provides expert guidance to promote positive change, close achievement gaps, and accelerate student success at community colleges, particularly among students of color and from low-income backgrounds. This brief summarizes the common drivers of institution-wide reforms at nine ATD colleges in Florida.


Exploring the Experiences of Students Ages 25 and Older

December, 2022

The SUCCESS project aims to improve college completion rates for traditionally underserved students at community and broad-access colleges. This brief highlights the experiences of students 25 years or older in four SUCCESS colleges. The findings suggest how programmatic and institutional structures may promote or hamper student success for this population.