Parenting Skills Programs

January, 2000
Eileen Hayes

Developed as part of MDRC’s Parents’ Fair Share Demonstration, the Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum is intended to help fathers more effectively fulfill their roles as parents, partners, and workers.


Final Lessons from Parents’ Fair Share

November, 2001

Fathers provide important financial and emotional support to their children. Yet low-income noncustodial fathers, with low wages and high rates of joblessness, often do not fulfill their parenting roles. The child support system has not traditionally helped these men to do so, since its focus has been on securing financial support from fathers who can afford to pay.


Resources for Program Operators from the Supporting Healthy Marriage Demonstration and Evaluation

May, 2011

Developed for sites participating in a federal demonstration and evaluation of relationship and marriage skills programs for low-income married couples, this toolkit offers practical guidance about program design, management, and marketing, among other topics. It may be particularly useful for voluntary programs focusing on family relationships, couples, or fatherhood.

Working Paper

What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?

April, 2010
Virginia Knox, Philip A. Cowan, Carolyn Pape Cowan, Elana Bildner

This working paper, prepared for a conference sponsored by the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, reviews evidence about the effectiveness of two strategies to strengthen family relationships and fathers’ involvement with their children: fatherhood programs aimed at disadvantaged noncustodial fathers and relationship skills programs for parents who are together.


Final Report on a Comprehensive Program for Young Mothers in Poverty and Their Children

January, 1997
Janet Quint, Johannes Bos, Denise Polit

An Introduction to the Enhanced Services for the Hard-to-Employ Demonstration and Evaluation Project

October, 2007
Dan Bloom, Cindy Redcross, JoAnn Hsueh, Sarah Rich, Vanessa Martin

This demonstration is evaluating four diverse strategies designed to improve employment and other outcomes for low-income parents and others who face serious barriers to employment.