Evidence from the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) Demonstration

March, 2006
Robert Walker, Lesley Hoggart, Gayle Hamilton

The largest ever random assignment test of a social policy in Britain is being applied in a demonstration of the Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) program. This report, written by MDRC and British colleagues as part of a consortium of social policy research firms and produced for the UK Department for Work and Pensions, examines how well random assignment worked.


How Welfare and Work Policies Influence Parents' Decisions

August, 2002
Lisa Gennetian, Aletha Huston, Danielle Crosby, Young Eun Chang, Edward D. Lowe, Thomas S. Weisner

Congressional deliberations on the future of welfare reform have reopened a debate about whether current child care assistance programs adequately support employment among low-income working parents while also fostering their children's development. Issues at the forefront of this debate are explored in this timely new policy brief.


How to Implement a Mandatory Stay-in-School Program for Teenage Parents on Welfare

September, 1998
David Long, Johannes Bos

The Experiences of Current and Former Welfare Mothers Who Work

November, 2001
Denise Polit, Rebecca Widom, Kathryn Edin, Stan Bowie, Andrew London, Ellen Scott, Abel Valenzuela
May, 2007

In these remarks, delivered at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s National Summit on America’s Children on May 22, MDRC President Gordon Berlin summarizes rigorous research evidence showing that supplementing the earnings of parents helps raise families out of poverty and improves the school performance of young children.