P-12 Education

In little more than a decade, MDRC has built a strong reputation as a respected, trustworthy source of information about what works to improve students prospects for academic success in elementary, middle, and high school and about what it takes to put effective interventions into place.

The Impacts of Making Pre-K Count and High 5s on Kindergarten Outcomes

This project tested whether high-quality, aligned math instruction, via an evidence-based curriculum in pre-K and innovative math clubs in kindergarten, could improve children’s outcomes. The effect of two years of enriched math translates into closing more than a quarter of the achievement gap between low-income children and their higher-income peers.


In this 30-second video, MDRC Senior Research Associate Crystal Byndloss introduces MDRC’s ongoing evaluation of an innovative model of career and technical education that prepares students for both college and careers. 


Career and technical education programs have taken on many different forms, but one that has been gaining in popularity is apprenticeships. Colorado is at the forefront of this emerging apprenticeship movement.