New Jersey

January, 2000
Eileen Hayes

Developed as part of MDRC’s Parents’ Fair Share Demonstration, the Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum is intended to help fathers more effectively fulfill their roles as parents, partners, and workers.

Working Paper

Camden During Receivership

April, 2009
David M. Greenberg, Nandita Verma, David Seith

This working paper gives a broad overview of redevelopment efforts under the first term of state receivership in Camden, New Jersey. It concludes that attempts to build public capacity to revitalize cities may need to be complemented by efforts to build civic capacity, or the ability to solve problems in coordination with major partners.


Final Report on the Center for Employment Training Replication Sites

September, 2005
Cynthia Miller, Johannes Bos, Kristin Porter, Fannie M. Tseng, Yasuyo Abe

The Center for Employment Training (CET) in San Jose, California, produced large, positive employment and earnings effects for out-of-school youth in the late 1980s. However, in this replication study, even the highest-fidelity sites did not increase employment or earnings for youth over the 54-month follow-up period, despite short-term positive effects for women.


Final Lessons from Parents’ Fair Share

November, 2001

Fathers provide important financial and emotional support to their children. Yet low-income noncustodial fathers, with low wages and high rates of joblessness, often do not fulfill their parenting roles. The child support system has not traditionally helped these men to do so, since its focus has been on securing financial support from fathers who can afford to pay.


The Effect of Project GRAD on High School Student Outcomes in Three Urban School Districts

July, 2006
Jason Snipes, Glee Ivory Holton, Fred Doolittle, Laura Sztejnberg

This report describes the effects of Project GRAD, an ambitious education reform that targets high schools and the elementary and middle schools that feed into them, on a variety of student outcomes in high schools in Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; and Columbus, Ohio.


Implementation Lessons from the Foundations of Learning Demonstration

December, 2009
Chrishana M. Lloyd, Michael Bangser

Foundations of Learning provided in-class training and support to teachers, and one-on-one clinical services to children, to enhance preschool quality. This report offers lessons regarding program design, management, staffing, and professional development issues that arose during implementation in Newark, NJ.


How Classroom Management Training Can Help Teachers

November, 2010
Pamela Morris, Cybele Raver, Megan Millenky, Stephanie Jones, Chrishana M. Lloyd

Foundations of Learning provided training and in-class support to teachers to help guide children’s behavior and emotional development. In Newark, NJ, the program improved teachers’ classroom management and productivity, reduced children’s conflict with peers, and increased children’s engagement. A year later, few effects for children were sustained as they entered kindergarten, but teachers were still engaged in positive practices.