New York

May, 2023

The Jobs Plus demonstration aimed to increase economic empowerment and mobility for public housing residents through on-site employment services, rent-based work incentives, and supportive work activities. Sites that fully implemented the model saw long-term positive employment and earnings effects, but negative effects were observed in sites that did not. 

May, 2023

In 2014, HUD scaled up Jobs Plus, a rigorously tested and promising model offering rent incentives and on-site work supports to public housing residents. The first three cohorts show no evidence of higher employment or earnings during the early years, potentially due to lower participation levels and implementation challenges.


Findings from the Pretrial Justice Collaborative

January, 2023
Erin Jacobs Valentine, Sarah Picard

In place of bail, many jurisdictions are instead releasing people awaiting trial with varying levels of supervision in an effort to ensure that they appear in court and avoid new arrests. This brief compares the relative effectiveness of different intensities of pretrial supervision.

Thanks mainly to state and city policy investing in the development of a green workforce, New York City hosts an emerging ecosystem of green jobs training providers, employers, and intermediaries.  

Careers in the green economy are already providing good wages and opportunities for advancement and wage progression. These jobs can also lead to tangible...

Amid modest increases in high school graduation rates for all students, disparities still exist for important student groups, such as students of color and students from low-income families. In response to this equity issue, there has been a growth in third-party “school support” organizations like Urban Assembly. Since 1997...