One-Year Impact Findings from the Youth Villages Transitional Living Evaluation

May, 2015
Erin Jacobs Valentine, Melanie Skemer, Mark E. Courtney

This study evaluated a program, called YVLifeSet, that offers individualized services to young people who are making the transition from foster care or juvenile justice custody to independent adulthood. After one year, the program increased earnings, reduced homelessness and material hardship, and improved outcomes related to health and safety.


Early Lessons from Family Rewards 2.0

October, 2014

This project builds on NYC’s earlier experiment with a conditional cash transfer program to reduce poverty and improve education, health, and employment outcomes. It tests a revised model in the Bronx and Memphis, adding family guidance to modified incentives paid more frequently. Early implementation findings suggest deeper family engagement.


Implementation Findings from the Youth Villages Transitional Living Evaluation

March, 2014
Michelle S. Manno, Erin Jacobs Valentine, Julianna Alson, Melanie Skemer

This highly structured program offers clinically focused case management, support, and counseling to youth who are leaving state custody or are otherwise unprepared for independent adult living. It emphasizes treatment planning, ongoing client assessment, and evidence-informed practices. Early findings indicate that it has been implemented well and participation is high.


A Preview of the Youth Villages Transitional Living Evaluation

April, 2012
Sara Muller-Ravett, Erin Jacobs Valentine

This brief covers one of the largest and most rigorous evaluations of services for youth who are aging out of the foster care and juvenile justice systems. It explains the scope of the problem, summarizes the policy context, describes the program and study sample, and offers preliminary observations from the evaluation.


The Jobs-Plus Experience in Public Housing Developments

September, 2002
Linda Yuriko Kato

Through extensive ethnographic interviews with staff and residents of two Jobs-Plus housing developments in Seattle and St. Paul, this report explains how a range of social and personal issues characteristic of largely immigrant public housing residents can render conventional employment and support services ineffective.