MDRC Invites Proposals from College Promise/Free College Programs

Informational Webinars Planned for September

In the fall of 2017, MDRC will launch the Promise Success Initiative, which will provide College Promise and Free College programs across the country with technical assistance and continuous improvement research support to enhance and strengthen new or existing programs. Programs are invited to submit proposals to participate in Promise Success. The request for proposals can be found here.

Accepted programs will receive intensive, research-based technical assistance from MDRC free of charge in areas such as:

  • Motivating students to action through strategic behavioral messaging

  • Successfully tracking and monitoring data for program improvement

  • Designing and continuously improving student support components

MDRC hosted two informational webinars about the Promise Success Initiative and the RFP. Please find the slides and other documents below.

Webinar Slides

RFP Questions and Answers

The Promise Success Initiative will be funded by the Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates.