MDRC’s Rekha Balu Joins Board of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness


The Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness announced this week that Rekha Balu, Director of MDRC’s Center for Applied Behavioral Science, has been named to SREE’s Board of Directors. Balu, along with James Kim of Harvard University and Beth Tipton of Northwestern University, begin three-year terms on January 1, 2020.

Since joining MDRC in 2011, Balu has led research studies and designed interventions tackling challenges in K-12 education, child welfare, and parenting, often deploying technology-driven solutions, such as apps, text-message campaigns, and online tools. She has partnered with institutions around the country to help them base their decisions on data, incorporate predictive analytics, design interventions to solve process challenges, and test those interventions in randomized field trials or other rigorous research designs.

Earlier this year, Michael Weiss, MDRC Senior Associate, was named the next editor-in-chief of SREE’s illustrious Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness (JREE).