MDRC Voluntarily Recognizes Social Policy Workers United

A joint statement from MDRC and Social Policy Workers United:

MDRC has recognized Social Policy Workers United (SPWU) as their staff union. SPWU is affiliated with Local 57 of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

MDRC President Virginia Knox: “I am pleased that we are voluntarily recognizing Social Policy Workers United (SPWU) as the union representing our staff. Our staff are at the heart of all that MDRC accomplishes, and we support their rights, including the right to organize. MDRC and SPWU share a commitment to MDRC’s mission of building and applying evidence to policy and practice to improve the well-being of people who are economically disadvantaged, and that mission is more important than ever in the wake of a pandemic that has once again exposed deep inequities in our society. I look forward to a productive relationship with SPWU advancing MDRC’s work.”

Statement from SPWU-AFSCME: “We are proud of our members for coming together to push for change in the workplace. This negotiation process demonstrated the power of collective bargaining. By showing our commitment through actions and with the goal of protecting as many workers at MDRC as possible in the unit, we have built a strong foundation on which to start contract bargaining.”