MIHOPE-Strong Start and Healthy Families America



MIHOPE-Strong Start and Healthy Families America

A partnership dedicated to answering research questions about birth- and health-related outcomes

“The MIHOPE-Strong Start study offers the HFA network an opportunity to better understand home visiting's impacts on birth outcomes when families are enrolled prior to 32 weeks gestation.  By participating in the study, HFA sites will contribute to building the evidence base about HFA's benefits to families, strengthening the model, and ultimately helping families nationwide. We invite you to consider participating in MIHOPE-Strong Start.”

Cydney M. Wessel
National Director, Healthy Families America

               Nurse-Family Partnership

“Healthy Families America is based on 12 research-based critical elements, the first of which is to initiate services early, either prenatally or at birth. Over the last 20+ years, HFA sites across the country have applied this critical element and its corresponding standards of best practice, and in doing so have realized that the earlier services can be initiated with families the better. MIHOPE-Strong Start is in direct alignment with this standard and will allow the HFA Network as a whole to learn more about the model's ability to impact birth outcomes when services are initiated in the prenatal period. The HFA National Office approves of this very important study, and we encourage affiliated and accredited sites to participate with MIHOPE-Strong Start.”

Kathleen Strader
National Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation,
Healthy Families America