Podcast: Gov Innovator Interviews Dan Bloom about Programs with Positive Results for Young Men of Color


Andy Feldman of the Gov Innovator blog recently posted a 10-minute podcast of an interview with Dan Bloom, Director of MDRC’s Health and Barriers to Employment Policy Area, about Boosting the Life Chances of Young Men of Color: Evidence from Promising Programs, which Bloom coauthored with Christopher Wimer.

Despite progress in many areas, young men of color still face many obstacles to success in terms of education, employment, and other areas. Today, there is growing momentum through government and other efforts to improve outcomes for this important population, including New York City’s Young Men’s Initiative and the Obama Administration’s My Brother’s Keeper.

A review of high-quality studies, the report that Bloom discusses in the interview highlights interventions — in education, employment and training, and second-chance programs — that have demonstrated positive results for young men of color.