MDRC Experts Presenting at National Conference of Human Services Agencies, July 28-31


The National Association of Welfare Research and Statistics (NAWRS) is holding its Annual Workshop, “Collaborating Across Lines to Build Up Lives,” in New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 28-31, 2019.

MDRC will be at NAWRS in force! Please stop by our booth to learn more about MDRC’s projects — including the new TANF Data Collaborative — and the services we provide to human service agencies, to pick up free copies of our publications, and to chat about career opportunities at MDRC.

Five panels at NAWRS will highlight the TANF Data Collaborative. Here’s the full roster of MDRC presentations:

Monday, July 29


Evidence-Based Policymaking (East Salon)

  • Moderator: John Martinez, MDRC

  • “Evidence in Action: Implementing the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018,” Erica Zielewski, Office of Management & Budget

  • “Pay for Success Program Models: The Promise and the Perils,” John Tambornino, Office of Management & Budget

  • “Using Data to Inform and Enhance Targeted Investments in the Social Sector: Affordable Housing & Workforce,” Tracey Stewart, Gary Community Investments/Piton Foundation; Jennifer Newcomer, SHIFT ResearchLab, Piton Foundation


Understanding the Data Capacity and Needs of State TANF Agencies (Toulouse/Dauphine)

  • Moderator: Robert Goerge, Chapin Hall, University of Chicago

  • Emily Wiegand, Chapin Hall, University of Chicago

  • Leah Gjertson, Chapin Hall, University of Chicago

  • Adelia Jenkins, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, University of Pennsylvania

  • Melissa Wavelet, MDRC

Research Academy: Innovative Approaches to Collaborating Around Workforce Data to Improve Job Programs (Royal Garden Terrace)

  • Moderator: Sarah Leopold, Center for Work Education and Employment

  • Tayyab Walker, New York City Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity)

  • Kristin Porter, MDRC

  • Jeannine LaPrad, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce

  • David Berman, New York City Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity (NYC Opportunity)


The TANF Data Collaborative (West Salon)

  • Moderator: Erica Zielewski, Office of Management and Budget

  • Alexandra Pennington, MDRC

  • Adelia Jenkins, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP), University of Pennsylvania

  • Richard Hendra, MDRC


Learning from Employers: How Programs Can Develop More Qualified Job Seekers (East Salon)

  • Moderator: John Martinez, MDRC

  • Michelle Derr, Mathematica

  • Mark Ezzo, Mathematica

  • Patricia Blumenauer, Philadelphia Works, Inc.

Behavioral Interventions in TANF and Child Support Services (Toulouse/Dauphine)

  • Moderator: Asaph Glosser, MEF Associates

  • Liza Rodler, MEF Associates

  • Bret Barden, MDRC

  • Yana Kusayeva, MDRC

Tuesday, July 30


Coaching Evaluations (East Salon)

  • Moderator: Correne Saunders, Abt Associates

  • “Linking Evidence to Practice: Implementing and Evaluating Employment Coaching,” Michelle Derr, Mathematica; Kelly Davydov, Iowa Department of Human Rights; Shannon Ralph, Jefferson County Colorado DHS

  • MDRC’s MyGoals for Employment Success Evaluation and the TuaPath Platform,” Donna Wharton-Fields, MDRC

Serving Disconnected & Opportunity Youth (Center Salon)

  • Moderator: Erica Zielewski, Office of Management & Budget

  • “Creating Opportunities for Disconnected Youth,” David Blount, Natalie Spievack, Nathan Sick, and Alan Dodkowitz, Urban Institute

  • “Serving Opportunity Youth through Innovative Collaborations in Government,” Pascale Mevs, New York City Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity; Liam Ristow, Westat; Danielle Cummings, MDRC


Speed Sessions (Grand Salon)

  • Table 11: “Research and Practice Collaboration: Seeking Innovative Employment Service Strategies,” Dan Bloom, MDRC; Karin Martinson, Abt Associates; Sheena McConnell, Mathematica

Research Academy: Demonstration of a New Approach to Tools and Training Using a TANF Dashboard as an Example (Royal Garden Terrace)

  • Moderator: Melissa Wavelet, MDRC

  • Julia Lane, New York University


Plenary Session: Creating Jobs: The Role of Social Enterprise in Subsidized Employment Programs (Grand Salon)

  • Moderator: Michael Fishman, MEF Associates

  • Dan Bloom, MDRC

  • Nan Maxwell, Mathematica

  • Gregg Keesling, RecycleForce


Holistic, Collaborative Workforce Development Programming for Public Housing Residents: Learning from Jobs-Plus (East Salon)

  • Moderator: Kim Tesch-Vaught, PCG

  • Daniel Edelman, NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity

  • Josh Leopold, Urban Institute

  • Nandita Verma, MDRC

Research Academy: Using Human-Centered Design to Strengthen Collaborative, Participatory Research, and Program Innovation (Royal Garden Terrace)

  • Moderator: Yana Kusayeva, MDRC

  • Jonathan McCay, Mathematica

  • Michelle Derr, Mathematica

  • Annalisa Mastri, Mathematica


Addressing Barriers to Women’s Entry into High-Growth Industries: A Behavioral Intervention Approach (West Salon)

  • Moderator: Yana Kusayeva, MDRC

  • Neha Nanda, IMPAQ International, LLC

  • Carolyn Corea, IMPAQ International, LLC

  • Paula Mian, IMPAQ International, LLC

Wednesday, July 31


Improving Administrative Data for Research and Program Implementation (Toulouse/Dauphine)

  • Moderator: Yana Kusayeva, MDRC

  • “What Does It Mean to Be Asian American? Definitions of Asian Americans in Research on Poverty,” Victoria Tran, Urban Institute

  • “Tapping Qualitative Information to Strengthen Estimates of Social Policy Impacts,” Stephen Bell and Joseph Gasper, Westat

  • “Frontline Workers and the Creation of Administrative Data for Social Policy Evaluation,” Correne Saunders, Abt Associates; Andrea Hetling, Rutgers University-New Brunswick