MDRC Team Goes Two for Two in Fragile Families Predictive Modeling Challenge


Last month, a team from MDRC received two first-place prizes in the Fragile Families Challenge, a project that combines predictive modeling and machine learning to understand more about the lives of disadvantaged children using the incredibly rich data set developed in the long-term Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing study.

The MDRC team, consisting of Kristin Porter, Richard Hendra, Tejomay Gadgil, Sarah Schell, and Meghan McCormick, entered submissions for two of the six outcomes available and came away with victories in both (eviction and job training) in terms of the best-performing models.

On November 16-17, Princeton University will host a Fragile Families Challenge Scientific Workshop at which prize winners will make presentations. Kristin Porter will represent MDRC.