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The driving force behind MDRC is a conviction that reliable evidence, well
communicated, can make an important difference in social policy.

Gordon L. Berlin, President, MDRC

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New results from the Paycheck Plus demonstration in New York City show that increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit for workers without dependent children has positive impacts on reducing severe poverty and increasing income, work rates, and child support payments.

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Low-income workers haven’t received anything close to their fair economic share over the last few decades. The American economy has almost tripled in size since 1980, yet the average inflation-adjusted wage for low-income workers has risen only about 10 percent.

Press Release

MDRC released encouraging results today from a demonstration, funded by Robin Hood, of two aligned interventions in New York City: Making Pre-K Count, a high-quality math curriculum in preschools, and High 5s, supplemental small-group “math clubs” provided to kindergartners. Together, the programs closed more than one-quarter of the math achievement gap.