MDRC Webinars


In this webinar, experts discuss new results from MDRC’s evaluation of Grameen America’s microfinance program. In Union City, NJ, the site of the study, Grameen America supports predominantly Latina entrepreneurs seeking to launch or expand small businesses — a community disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


This webinar introduces Strengthening the Implementation of Responsible Fatherhood Programs (SIRF), a new federal evaluation that works as series of learning cycles designed to strengthen programs that engage fathers, support their parenting and healthy relationships, and promote economic stability.


The College Promise Campaign, with generous support from the ECMC Foundation, Strada Education Network, and ETS, administered its first Financial Sustainability survey to 225 College Promise programs across the nation to identify and promote best practices for ensuring continued support for students. The survey is the first national snapshot of College Promise programs underway in communities and states. This webinar, hosted by MDRC’s College Promise Success Initiative, shared the initial survey findings about student characteristics, program financing, and administrative program features.


The webinar takes a closer look at Indiana’s statewide Adult Promise Program, which is leading the way in strengthening student supports and services for adult students, as well as Indiana’s Workforce Ready Grant program, a new financial aid opportunity to help working-age adults gain 21st-century workforce skills.


This webinar, Using Behavioral Science to Improve Student Outreach highlights tools and resources from behavioral science, a multidisciplinary approach to studying human behavior.


This webinar provides participants with practical information and resources to help them support students through a critical time: the first year. Representatives from the Detroit Promise Path and MDRC share what they are learning about student success and increasing student persistence. The webinar was hosted on May 3, 2018 by MDRC and Detroit Promise Path.


This webinar shares operational lessons learned from the implementation of the Jobs-Plus program, a model proven to help public housing residents find work. This webinar features experts who have extensive knowledge and experience working with the Jobs-Plus model in local contexts and will help guide public housing authorities learn more about how to design and implement the dynamic Jobs-Plus model.


In early April, the Alliance for Excellent Education and MDRC cohosted a webinar, “Scaling and Sustaining Positive Effects of the New York Small High Schools Initiative,” which is now available for free download. Moderated by Governor Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education, the webinar included the following panelists: