Questions We’re Asking

Questions We’re Asking

The first step in finding the best solutions is asking the right questions. Together with our partners and funders, we make sure we’re in a position to answer the questions that matter most to policymakers and practitioners.

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Can career and technical education help individuals get better jobs?

Why are we asking?
The past decade has seen a resurgence of interest in career and technical education (CTE) as a way to engage students, help people build the skills necessary to succeed in a technologically advanced economy, and meet employer demand for workers. MDRC — which has a two-decade history of developing and evaluating CTE programs, including our landmark study of Career Academies — is partnering with over a dozen CTE programs to build evidence and inform CTE policy and practice. MDRC’s current projects encompass a range of employer-driven programs — including career pathways, work-based learning, apprenticeships, and sectoral training — and target everyone from high school and college students to at-risk young people and low-wage workers.

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