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MDRC is about developing and testing solutions
to the wide range of challenges that confront
low-income individuals, families, and children.


Final Impacts of the Next Generation of Subsidized Employment Programs

“Transitional jobs” are temporary, subsidized jobs meant to teach participants basic work skills or help them get started with an employer. The Enhanced Transitional Jobs Demonstration tested seven such programs for people recently released from prison or low-income parents behind on child support. This report presents the final impact results.

Issue Focus

A “One-Page Protocol” Approach

How can researchers increase the likelihood that focus groups produce information that addresses key implementation questions? The Implementation Research Incubator presents an example of a simple protocol designed to encourage conversational flow about a complex issue — cooperative learning — while helping the interviewers explore core topics in depth.

Issue Focus

With its new Center for Data Insights, MDRC is furthering its long-standing commitment to helping our partners improve their programs and systems. This issue focus describes how the Center is assisting government agencies, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations use their data better to refine and target their services.