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MDRC is about developing and testing solutions
to the wide range of challenges that confront
low-income individuals, families, and children.


Effects of New Jersey’s Criminal Justice Reform

In 2017, New Jersey implemented sweeping changes to its pretrial justice system. This report is one of a planned series on the impacts of those changes. It describes how the reforms affected short-term outcomes including arrests, complaint charging decisions, release conditions, and initial jail bookings.


Three-Year Results from the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) Ohio Demonstration

This report presents findings through three years from a replication of the City University of New York Accelerated Study in Associate Programs model at three community colleges in Ohio. The Ohio programs nearly doubled degree receipt through three years and led to an increase in transfers to four-year colleges.


Costs, Benefits, and Impacts from the WorkAdvance Demonstration

WorkAdvance goes beyond the previous generation of employment programs, concentrating on demand-driven skills training and identifiable career pathways. Findings show the approach increased earnings and led to advancement gains over time at the most successful study sites. One program, Per Scholas, boosted earnings by 20 percent in the last year of follow-up.