Bridging Access to Benefits and Care (BABC)


The Bridging Access to Benefits and Care (BABC) project is a partnership among three organizations: Acacia Network (Acacia), St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction (SACHR), and Seedco. It is designed to address the social determinants of health for a vulnerable and disenfranchised, opioid-dependent population in the Bronx. The theory is that activities increasing outreach, engagement, and enrollment in public benefits, along with more direct connections to health care, can improve the health and well-being of a traditionally high-need population with serious health issues. BABC will serve new and existing SACHR clients in the Bronx who are intravenous drug users or who are otherwise dependent on opioids. MDRC, a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and social policy research organization, will be BABC’s evaluation partner.

BABC’s primary goals are to: (1) improve access to comprehensive care for high-risk, high-need intravenous drug users and other opioid-dependent users in the Bronx, (2) increase this population’s awareness of and enrollment in public benefits, (3) train staff members to deliver compassionate outreach designed to promote enrollment in benefits and access to quality care, and (4) improve participants’ health.

Agenda, Scope, and Goals

The evaluation of this program partnership focuses on:

  1. Describing individuals who are targeted by the intervention

  2. Describing how the partnership was put together and how it operates on the ground

  3. Measuring important short-term outcomes for participants

Design, Sites, and Data Sources

This is an implementation study of the program partnership. It will draw on program-participation data, interviews with staff members and participants, and observations of program activities, among other sources of information.