Getting Connected

A Resource Directory for Career Academies

One of the most widely adopted school reform approaches in the nation, the Career Academies movement has spread to more than 3,000 schools and school districts — and, in the process, has spawned a rich network of information outlets and resources aimed at the communities of Career Academy adherents. To make that information trove more readily accessible, MDRC, in collaboration with the Career Academy Support Network, has produced this unique Career Academy resource directory for the benefit of teachers, administrators, scholars, parents, and students alike. With more than 250 entries in 42 pages, Getting Connected features insights on practical topics ranging from curriculum planning, mentoring, and parent-teacher communications to workplace-based education, employment trends, and job hunting. It also guides users to findings from the research literature, lists newsletters and websites that track the school reform and vocational education fields, and identifies foundations and other grant givers that support education reform.


2002. Getting Connected. New York: MDRC.