MDRC Commentaries in 2022

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To reach policymakers, practitioners, and other important decisionmakers, MDRC experts authored or coauthored nearly 20 commentaries on evidence-based solutions for a variety of venues last year, including Workshift, Route Fifty, The Crime Report, Community College Daily, the Albany Times-Union, and Early Learning Nation. Here’s a selection:

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Three Evidence-Based Ways to Support the Early Care and Education Workforce (March)

In this commentary originally published by Early Learning Nation, JoAnn Hsueh, director of MDRC’s Family Well-Being and Children’s Development policy area, describes three evidence-based strategies that can help increase childcare workers’ opportunities for advancement and upward mobility.

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Industry-Focused Training Has the Power to Reduce Inequities in Employment (April)

In this commentary originally published by WorkShift, Deondre’ Jones describes how the WorkAdvance initiative helped reduce racial employment disparities for Black and Latino adults. He also explains important components that program providers may want to include to better support participants of color.

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Want Landlords to Lease to Families with Housing Vouchers? Try Asking in New Ways (April)

In this commentary originally published by Route Fifty, Jonathan Bigelow highlights the national challenge of finding landlords who will accept Housing Choice Vouchers. However, evidence from the Creating Moves to Opportunity (CMTO) project in King County and Seattle offers lessons about what might help landlords say yes.

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Media Myths, Facts, and Justice (April)

In this commentary originally published by The Crime Report, Melanie Skemer and Sarah Picard discuss how recent media coverage about the relationship between New York State’s bail reform and an uptick in crime has been misleading, particularly in using newly released data to conflate bail reform with a program called supervised release.

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States Offer Supplemental Wages to Retain Childcare Workers (June)

In this commentary originally published in Route Fifty, JoAnn Hsueh, Cynthia Miller, and Michelle Maier discuss how states are supplementing the wages of childcare workers to retain them during widespread staffing shortages. Ensuring eligible workers enroll to receive the benefit can be challenging, but research suggests three strategies to help.

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Building Better Evidence on Pre-K by Strengthening Assessments of Children’s Skills (August)

In this commentary originally published by the Fordham Institute, Meghan McCormick explains why it is critical to strengthen existing early education assessments in order to build better evidence on the impacts of preschool on children.

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New York State Should Invest in a Pipeline for Green Jobs (November)

In this commentary originally published in the Albany Times-Union, Rachel Rosen makes the case that New York State should build on its investment in P-TECH 9-14 schools to help young people launch careers in the growing green-energy economy.

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Less Student Debt Is Good, but Completing College Is Still the Goal (December)

In this commentary originally published by Community College Daily, Alex Mayer explains which programs have been proven to help students complete college or increase their earnings.

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Five Strategies to Reform Developmental Ed (December)

In this commentary originally published in Community College Daily, Erika Lewy, Susan Bickerstaff, and Katie Beal outline five evidence-based principles that college administrators can use to guide the reform of developmental (or remedial) education, a common roadblock to student success.

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