The Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum

By Eileen Hayes

The Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum is intended to assist fathers in more effectively fulfilling their roles as parents, partners, and workers. It was developed over a number of years in the peer support groups that were the "glue" of the Parents' Fair Share Demonstration for low-income noncustodial fathers. Anyone operating a program for fathers -- or even for mothers -- will find the curriculum a rich source of useful, down-to-earth material organized into 20 sessions on dealing with issues such as male-female relationships, fathers as providers, managing conflict and anger (on and off the job), and race and racism.

The curriculum materials are contained in 21 files in PDF format, each containing the material for one session of the curriculum. Use the links in the Contents section below to access the session files. Each session has bookmarks to specific activities within the session that can be accessed using the "show navigation pane" option on the Acrobat Reader toolbar. If you don't already have the free Acrobat Reader you can get it here.


Training can be obtained from the National Partnership for Community Leadership (NPCL) in Washington, DC. They offer skill-building workshops throughout the country. NPCL also developed and distributes a revised version of Fatherhood Development: A Curriculum for Young Fathers, which is best suited for fathers aged 16 to 30 and for early intervention programs that work with young fathers. Please contact Jasmine Johnson at 202-234-6725 for additional information.

Hayes, Eileen. 2000. The Responsible Fatherhood Curriculum. New York: MDRC.