Webinar: Why Are Boys Succeeding in Career and Technical Education While Struggling in Postsecondary Education?

Since the mid-1980s, boys and young men have lagged behind girls and young women in many markers of educational success, including college enrollment and postsecondary degree attainment. However, recent rigorous studies have found that career and technical education (CTE) programs help young men reach successful outcomes. What do we know about the reasons behind this phenomenon? And how can we build on what’s been learned about successful CTE programs?

In May 2024, the MDRC Center for Effective Career and Technical Education hosted a webinar featuring an in-depth discussion of these issues with:

  • Shaun Dougherty, Boston College
  • Richard Reeves, American Institute for Boys and Men
  • Diallo Shabazz, New York State P-TECH Council
  • Moderator: Rachel Rosen, MDRC Center for Effective Career and Technical Education