Working at MDRC

A Collegial and Harmonious Work Environment

MDRC is committed to a culture of inclusiveness on every level of the organization and an environment that fosters teamwork, information sharing, harmonious and productive working relationships, and mutual respect. We welcome diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints, encourage initiative, and recognize the contributions of all employees.

A Diverse, Multidisciplinary Staff

MDRC’s staff of nearly 300 are multicultural and multidisciplinary, with broadly diverse professional backgrounds and experience. We employ economists and statisticians • sociologists and psychologists • scientists and public policy analysts • demographers and ethnographers • educators and urban planners • program operations and survey specialists • editors • accounting and budget specialists • and systems analysts and programmers.

Opportunities to Realize Your Professional Potential

MDRC encourages and assists our employees in their professional development. MDRC staff work in interdisciplinary project teams with leading social policy researchers, learn to employ diverse and innovative methodologies, and contribute to published reports. Through a formal mentoring program, experienced staff help to orient employees to MDRC and advise them on advancing their careers.

Our Research Technology Unit provides on-the-job training in SAS programming, report production and presentation software, data management, statistics, and qualitative data management and analysis. Regular lunchtime forums keep the entire staff abreast of the latest policy developments.